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We work with students at all stages of the process and while their needs are unique, our goal is the same: deliver personalized service that helps both the student and parents make good, informed decisions throughout the duration of the college admissions process. Here's what some of our families have had to say about the work we've done for them.

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I can't thank you enough for helping us through this process.  We are all so thrilled with the acceptances and scholarships awarded, she can pick any one of these schools and we will be able to swing it financially.  We did not anticipate so many positive results but with your expertise, Jennifer was able to pick a group of schools that are as interested in her as she is interested in them.  You listened to what she was looking for in a college and you listened to our concerns about affordability and through some magic concoction you were able to find excellent matches to meet her needs and ours.  Truly, we were not looking forward to navigating this process with Jennifer on our own but, I have to admit, with your assistance the process was actually fun.  We were really able to enjoy the college visits together and I think a big contributing factor was the fact that we didn't butt heads a lot during the application process.


Parent of a Valley Regional High School Student

I just wanted to thank you for making my college application process an incredibly painless process and setting me up in the best possible light for admissions. Before I started working with you, I did not even know American was a University - and now I am going there to get an education in a top ten school for International Studies! I got to apply to a wide variety of schools to get the best possible options for my future all while feeling it was spaced out enough to enjoy my senior year - and with the weird ending of this year, I am very thankful I still got to enjoy my fall to the fullest potential. I cannot thank you enough!


Wethersfield High School Student

Eric, I cannot thank you enough. I know Michael was so comfortable with you and your guidance was invaluable.  He listened and focused, and I know he wouldn't be where he is if it wasn't for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Parent of a Cheshire High School Student

The college selection process in our household was rather confusing, sporadic and unfocused until we met Lynne Bossart. Lynne listened to our needs, frustrations and expectations, she then outlined a plan and shared her expertise, which was instrumental in helping our daughter navigate and manage the complexities of today’s college selection and admissions process. This included providing detailed evaluations of strengths and growth opportunities, identifying colleges and universities that offered the best potential for goal fulfillment, providing essay feedback, submission tracking, and narrowing down the choices through final commitment. Lynne Bossart enabled our daughter to make a fully informed decision and the proof is in her happiness and pride in the institution she is attending. We would encourage all families and students to take advantage of the insight and services that Lynne has to offer.

Joyce & John

Parents of a Simsbury High School Student

First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for your assistance and guidance as we navigated the college search with Claire.  Your experiences with the college application process and your perspective and insight with this age group and specific colleges proved to be most valuable. Your role in keeping her on a well-planned schedule was a huge relief to Jim and me.  But more importantly, your approach gave Claire ownership of this process and, as a result, I suspect she felt in control as opposed to being overwhelmed by the experience.


Parent of a Cheshire High School Student

Lynne expertly guided us through every facet of the college search and decision making progress, fine tuning her recommendations to my daughter’s academic, social and personal needs. Her advice on every level of our year-long journey brought clarity and confidence in our final choice of college.


Parent of a Canton High School Student

We cannot thank you enough, Lynne, for all your help during our college selection process.  You were invaluable during this stressful yet exciting time in our lives.   You were so amazingly organized and you helped our daughter stay on track and be accountable for getting all the work done in plenty of time for the many college deadlines.  Hiring you also removed us from being the "bad guys" and pestering her to get her essays and applications done.  You gladly took on this job and gave her assignments with due dates that she happily completed and finished with time to spare.  Looking back on the whole process we are now truly able to appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping our daughter find her dream school and a profession she will be happy to work at every day.  You were always available to us, day or night, and we now have a senior in high school who is looking forward to starting a new phase in her life at a school she is proud to attend and a major she is looking forward to studying.  Thank you!


Parent of an East Catholic High School Student

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help through the process, you made it all so easy!


Naugatuck High School Student

Eric, I just wanted to extend another big thank you to you for your patience in attuning to Nadia as a whole person and guiding her in selecting a school that is truly the perfect fit. She couldn’t be happier socially, spiritually, and academically at Villanova. The food allergy support/accommodations were implemented with the utmost of respect and consideration for her physical health and emotional well being. I feel blessed to have found you as a guide at one of the most significant and pivotal transitions in Nadia’s life to date.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much.


Parent of a Cheshire High School Student

You helped me a ton and made me aware of so many different things and I appreciate everything that you've done.


East Central High School Student

I am a single Mom that needed a lot of guidance when my oldest son wanted to go to college. I was clueless about the whole process of applying for colleges & the financial aid portion of it. With Lynne's wealth of knowledge & passion for helping students reach their goal of finding the perfect college fit, my son was able to attend the college of his dreams. We couldn't have done it without her expertise! I would highly recommend Lynne to help with your college experience!


Parent of a Rush City High School Student

We met Eric late in the process with my daughter, but he jumped right in and met her where she was. He gave quality feedback on her essays, and informed recommendations on some questions regarding her Common App. He is extremely professional, articulate, and knowledgeable, and was able to connect with my daughter right away and gain her trust. I cannot imagine a better experience can be found anywhere.


Parent of a Newtown High School Student

Lynne is like a good divorce attorney.  You can't afford NOT to hire her!


Parent of a Hinckley-Finlayson High School Student

I just wanted to take a minute to really thank you. I am sure you are working around the clock between the complex and unique situations of both the seniors and the juniors. We are so appreciative to continue to have you in our corner.


Parent of a Granby Memorial High School Student

Thank you for guiding me through everything from the college search to generating a list to writing essays and submitting applications. I'm sure it was a stressful time for you as well but I really appreciate your expertise and your attention to detail with each and every application. I know you always say that it was MY application and I did it, but without your help I definitely would've been a wreck!


Jonathan Law High School Student

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help through this crazy college process! It truly was a comfort knowing we had someone with so much knowledge guiding both Matt and Megan every step of the way. They both felt so comfortable working with you and I am sure that helped them grow and gain confidence through a process that was so overwhelming at the beginning.


Parent of Wethersfield High School Students