Want to know how to find the right college?

With over 2,000 degree-granting colleges in the U.S., finding the ones that fit your student’s academic goals, priorities and interests can be exhausting. Do you know where to start?

Confused about the application process? 

Trying to figure out what colleges are looking for and what makes your student a competitive applicant can be tough. There is a college for everyone. In fact, there are many more than just one. We take this approach with every student and teach them how to find colleges that fit them academically, socially & financially.

Would you like to reduce your college costs by thousands of dollars?

Our students earn an average of nearly $20,000 per merit scholarship and with costs increasing over 400% since the early 80’s, finding ways to pay for college has never been more critical. We’ll show you and your student how to assess colleges in terms of scholarship potential and will teach you how to compare the true costs of different colleges so you can determine which ones are the best financial fit.

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Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation. We customize our college counseling services to fit your family’s needs because every student deserves a chance to find their future!

Dobler College Consulting Welcomes New Partner Lynne Bossart

Dobler College Consulting is excited to announce that independent college advisor Lynne Bossart has joined the practice. “I have known Eric for a long time and have a great deal of respect for him and his work. We share the same philosophy and goals, so joining his team was a perfect fit for me,” said Lynne, who will be responsible for working with high school students and their families locally here in Connecticut and around the country.

“I am thrilled to have Lynne join me as a partner at Dobler College Consulting. Her enthusiasm for working with high school students, especially her interest in students of the visual and performing arts, made her an easy choice to join my practice. She is passionate about education and college access, is involved in the community at large, and embodies DCC’s core values,” says Dobler College Consulting founder Eric Dobler. “DCC is growing and having Lynne on board will enable us to help even more students achieve their post-secondary goals through informed guidance and counseling. I could not be more excited to have her on my team.”

Lynne brings from her practice, Muse College Consulting, over seven years of experience in advising and counseling and high school students. After a career in office administration, she decided to pursue her passion for helping young people realize their potential through higher education. As the parent of two college graduates, she has experienced first-hand what an overwhelming task the college admissions process can be for both students and their parents, and works closely with families to make the transition as stress-free as possible.

You can reach Lynne at lynne@doblercollegeconsulting.com or 860.408.6419 to schedule a free college planning consultation.

We as parents cannot thank Eric enough for being a great mentor for our daughter. Throughout the entire college search and applications process he was extremely professional. Always willing and ready to guide from essay writing to how to deal with rejections and weigh in the acceptances. We highly recommend him and his services


parent of a Cheshire High School student

Just wanted to send a note thanking you for all your ongoing support in the college search process. Your direction and help in the past year has kept everything moving very smoothly, not to mention stress free for Sheila and I.

Sheila & Jim

parents of a Cheshire High School student

Thank you so much for all the help you gave me, I really needed the encouragement and it meant a lot. Union released their decisions two days early, which means yesterday I logged into my portal to see that I GOT IN! Union Class of 2021! I am so excited I can't wait. I know I completely made the right decision and part of that is because of you. Again, thank you so much!


Lauralton Hall student

I can't begin to tell you how thankful we are to have had his help during what can sometimes be an overwhelming process. He was there for us every step of the way. His advice was knowledgeable and recommendations spot on. He's guided my daughter to the perfect fit for a college and even when he's done, he's not done as he continues to offer moral support and professional guidance. He will lead your child on the road to college success. Thank you!!!


parent of a Sacred Heart High School student

Having you assist her provided me huge piece of mind and reduced the stress of the entire process for me.  It was great for me not to have to worry about all of the deadlines and steps in the process.  It allowed me to have good discussions with Hannah about the process without having to nag her about due dates.

I'm relieved that the process is over and now I can enjoy Hannah's graduation (which is only a month away) and preparing to move her in to college.


parent of a Miss Porter’s School student

Thank you for all of your help with college. Without your guidance, I don't believe I would've ended up where I am. Your assistance helped me through the parts of this process that I was struggling with the most. Thanks again!


Coginchaug Regional High School student

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What We Believe

College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won and therefore students should not restrict their search to only one college, or select group of colleges, trying to find that one perfect match. Done right, the college search process excludes rankings and the idea that a more selective college is the "best" college.

While many Dobler College Consulting students are great matches for some of the most selective colleges in the country, such a match is not right for everyone. Each student deserves the opportunity to find the colleges that fit them well and it is our goal to help them do just that.