Student Athlete Consulting Plan

The Student Athlete Consulting Plan

Through a dedicated partnership with the XG Sports Group, the Student Athlete Consulting Plan covers the core aspects of the college planning process for students looking to play a sport in college.

While advisors at Dobler College Consulting drive the process forward so that students can complete all parts of the process on time and in a way that helps them present the best versions of themselves, the advisors at XG Sports Group work closely with each student on all aspects of the athletic recruiting process.

Through the XG Sports Group, students will learn how to be proactive, engage, and showcase themselves throughout all the steps of the student athlete recruiting process. XG Sports offers a range of services to help students create a compelling athletic profile, including creating and editing highlight videos that showcase their skills, marketing their profiles to college coaches, and getting student athletes in front of college coaches to share their story. Additionally, they leverage their extensive network database of college coaches to find the best-fit program for the student, considering factors such as athletic ability, academic performance, and personal preferences. Their goal is to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to help student athletes achieve their dream of playing college sports while also setting them up for success in their academic and professional careers.

Additionally, Dobler College Consulting provides 24/7 access for both the parents and the student to an online college planning database which we use for college research and overall organization of deadlines and requirements. The database allows us to maintain a college list with notes, updates, and deadlines customized for each student, while also tracking progress on all assigned work. We also send post-meeting recaps outlining the student’s progress, as well as upcoming goals, deadlines and announcements. The parents and the student both receive unlimited contact by phone or email to discuss questions or concerns in addition to a weekly “Monday Morning Update” which outlines key dates, deadlines and timely reminders.

Here is a more detailed outline of everything we will cover in the Student Athlete Consulting Plan:

  1. Athletic profile development
  2. Creating and editing highlight videos
  3. Communication with college coaches
  4. VIPS assessment
  5. Parent meeting on paying for college
  6. Review of student’s college list to ensure it is balanced and focused on academic, social and financial fit in addition to athletic fit
  7. Review and advisement on a testing plan and test score submission
  8. College essay idea brainstorming and draft review
  9. Thorough review of all applications up to a maximum of 10 individual applications
  10. Brainstorming and draft review for all supplemental essays
  11. Evaluation of all admissions decisions, financial aid awards, and merit scholarship offers as needed

PLEASE NOTE: Dobler College Consulting is unable to guarantee admission to any college or university.  Our goal is to assist each student in making informed decisions with the understanding that the admissions process is complex and uncertain, and a college or university’s decision to accept or reject an applicant is completely outside of our control.