Comprehensive College Consulting Plan

The Comprehensive College Consulting Plan

The Comprehensive College Consulting Plan covers all aspects of the college planning process. We help drive the process forward and assure that students complete all parts of the process on time and in a way that helps them present the best versions of themselves.

This plan also provides 24/7 access for both the parents and the student to an online college planning database which we use for college research and overall organization of deadlines and requirements. The database allows us to maintain a college list with notes, updates and deadlines customized for each student, while also tracking progress on all assigned work. We also email post-meeting recaps outlining the student’s progress, as well as upcoming goals, deadlines and announcements. The parents and the student both receive unlimited contact by phone or email to discuss questions or concerns in addition to a weekly “Monday Morning Update” which outlines key dates, deadlines and timely reminders.

Here is a more detailed outline of everything we aim to cover in the Comprehensive College Consulting Plan:

VIPS Assessment

  • Assess student's values, interests, personality-style and skills (what we call VIPS) to help them develop a more informed idea of their values, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Results are then used to create the college list, generate ideas for the essay and develop strategies to construct the strongest applications possible.

Career Exploration

  • Using YouScience, an online assessment tool, the student will explore the intersections of their interests and skills with career paths and majors.
  • Explore and establish career interests through research, internships, and job shadows.

Paying For College

The College List

  • Explore college attributes including location, size, cost, academic requirements, majors, athletics, disability and special needs accommodations, activities, and other individualized interests to develop priorities for a preliminary list of colleges. 
  • Organize a standardized testing plan including strategies for preparation and differences between the SAT and ACT.
  • Research appropriate colleges and then create a list of schools that are good matches academically, personally and financially.
  • Make final determination of which schools should be applied to Early Decision or Early Action.
  • Ongoing modification and organization of the list until all applications are submitted.

Activities Planning & The Activity List


  • Develop an interview plan including a mock interview (where appropriate) to help the student approach any interviews or interactions with admission counselors with confidence.

The College Essay

  • Essay brainstorming session on how student can best approach all required essay prompts. (Of special note here: We never write any part of any essay. The student is always the author).
  • Detailed suggestions throughout the writing process to ensure the student effectively shares his or her story in a way that makes the essay stand out.

Application Review

  • Create a master schedule of all tasks to be completed with deadlines based on stated goals and interests.
  • Conduct a thorough review of high school profile, transcript, and projected courses to ensure student makes the most of all available academic opportunities.
  • Provide suggestions and feedback on the selection of teachers and other individuals for letters of recommendation.
  • Plan and prepare for college visits.
  • Review admission requirements to help recommend future courses to ensure a challenging, yet appropriate curriculum.
  • Organize and manage the completion of all applications and supporting materials by their respective deadlines.
  • Brainstorm ideas for all supplemental essays and provide detailed suggestions throughout the writing process.
  • Thorough review of each application prior to its submission with special attention placed on all Early Decision or Early Action applications.

The Final Decision

  • Evaluate all admissions decisions, financial aid awards, and/or merit scholarship offers.

PLEASE NOTE: Dobler College Consulting is unable to guarantee admission to any college or university.  Our goal is to assist each student in making informed decisions with the understanding that the admissions process is complex and uncertain, and a college or university’s decision to accept or reject an applicant is completely outside of our control.