5-Hour College Planning Block

5-Hour College Planning Block

If you feel the Comprehensive College Consulting Plan or the Senior Application Plan do not fit your needs or your budget, a 5-Hour College Planning Block may be arranged at your discretion. The 5-Hour College Planning Block is “a la carte”. You can use the hours however you see fit and whenever you’d like to use them. If needed, additional blocks may be added at any point per your request.

Some examples of what a 5-hour block could cover include:

  • Running a career assessment to help identify possible majors and career paths
  • Building a college list
  • Brainstorming ideas and then reviewing essay drafts
  • Working on applications
  • Reviewing scholarship applications and essays


The 5-Hour College Planning Block works like a retainer. Hours are deducted for face-to-face college planning meetings, emails, phone calls, research and work completed lasting more than 15 minutes. This approach is most effective with students heading into their senior year who just need help with a few things.

PLEASE NOTE: Dobler College Consulting is unable to guarantee admission to any college or university.  Our goal is to assist each student in making informed decisions with the understanding that the admissions process is complex and uncertain, and a college or university’s decision to accept or reject an applicant is completely outside of our control.