Comprehensive College Counseling

Comprehensive College Counseling Services

I believe in working with students and their families to design college counseling services with structure, deadlines and goals that will help them successfully navigate the admissions process. I teach them how to put together the strongest applications possible to maximize their chances of being admitted to their top choice schools while paying close attention to academic, social and financial fit. Your student will not only receive personalized guidance, but will also benefit from my experience as a former admission counselor and academic advisor. We focus on getting into college, and making the most of the experience so that they can lead happy and successful lives.

I also provide regular feedback to parents, providing you with a recap of what your student is working on and how you can help move things along in a supportive way.

Students may begin college counseling services as early as sophomore year or as late as senior year. If you’re wondering why I don’t work with freshmen, the answer is easy: outside of trying to motivate them to do well in school and perhaps visiting a college campus or two simply to walk around and take it all in, I think it’s too early.

College Admissions 101
  • Creation of a master schedule of all tasks to be completed with deadlines based on stated goals and interests.
  • Thorough review of high school profile, transcript, and projected courses to ensure student makes the most of all academic opportunities available to them.
  • Review of activities, service and accomplishments to help the student develop and maintain a brand that compliments their academic profile.
  • Exploration of college attributes including location, size, cost, academic requirements, majors, athletics, disabilities and special needs, activities, and other individualized interests.
  • Discussion of the different ways a student may apply and their impact on the student’s applications.
  • Review admission requirements to help recommend future courses to ensure a challenging, yet appropriate curriculum.
  • Organization of a standardized testing plan including strategies for preparation and differences between the SAT and ACT.
  • Suggestions and feedback on the selection of teachers and other individuals for letters of recommendation.
  • Plan and prepare for college visits.
  • Review of all college acceptances to assist student in determining which college they will attend.
VIPS Assessment
  • Assessment of student’s values, interests, personality-style and skills (what I call VIPS) so that before the search is begun, we have a more informed idea of who the student is, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Results are then used to create the college list, generate ideas for the essay and develop strategies to construct the strongest applications possible.
Career Exploration
  • Exploration and establishment of student’s career interests through research, internships, job shadows, informational interviews and part-time employment.
Paying For College
The College List
  • Discussion to develop priorities for a preliminary list of college recommendations including location, size, cost, academic requirements, majors, athletics, disabilities and special needs, activities, and other individualized interests.
  • Research appropriate colleges and then create a list of schools that are good matches academically, personally and financially.
  • Ongoing modification and organization of the list until all applications are submitted.
  • Final determination of which schools should be applied to Early Decision or Early Action.
Activities & The Resume
  • Review of accomplishments, extracurricular activities, awards, honors and career exploration to help the student develop and maintain a brand that compliments their academic profile and strengthens applications.
  • Creation of a resume for schools which can be used for individuals writing recommendations, to bring on interviews at colleges and for inclusion with applications where schools will accept one as a supporting document.
  • Development of an interview plan including preparation of a 30-second commercial to help the student approach any interviews or interactions with admission counselors with confidence.
  • Completion of a mock interview (where appropriate).
The College Essay
  • Essay brainstorming session on how student can best approach the essay prompts for Common App schools in addition to schools who do not use the Common App. (Of special note here: I never write any part of any essay. The student is always the author).
  • Detailed suggestions throughout the writing process to ensure the student effectively shares his or her story in a way that makes the essay stand out.
Application Review
  • Organization and accountability for completion of all applications and supporting materials by their respective deadlines.
  • Brainstorm ideas for all supplements and provide detailed suggestions throughout the writing process.
  • Thorough review of each application prior to its submission with  special attention placed on all Early Decision or Early Action applications.

I am happy to work with families to provide a customized package that meets your need and budget. To learn more about how you can successfully navigate the college admissions process, call or email me today to schedule your FREE consultation


PLEASE NOTE: Dobler College Consulting is unable to guarantee admission to any college or university.  My goal is to assist each student in making informed decisions with the understanding that the admissions process is complex and uncertain, and a college or university’s decision to accept or reject an applicant is completely outside of my control.

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