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Hey Juniors, It’s College List Time!

Hey Juniors, It's College List TimeWhile high school seniors are celebrating their acceptances, it’s time for the juniors to step up to the plate. Its college list time and that means it’s time to really start getting into what makes a college interesting to you. It’s all well and good to like a college because you’ve been a fan of their basketball team or because one or more of your parents graduated from there, but it’s another to thing to understand just what makes a college a good option for you.

Here’s a few things to pay attention to as you work on building a great college list:

1. Don’t get hung up on location

Not until you’ve really investigated a college, at least. If you’re willing to be open-minded, sometimes a great school might be just around the corner from what you think is your comfort zone.

2. Be realistic

Especially when it comes to gauging your chances of admission. When you see ranges of test scores for colleges and your scores fall in the lower 25th percentile of who gets admitted, your chances really aren’t that great, even you really, really hope they will be.

3. Merit money goes to the top students

Don’t think a college is going to give you a merit scholarship just because you’ve worked hard. Often, your GPA and test scores BOTH need to be in the top 25th percentile of who gets admitted for you to be considered for merit.

4. Find your WHY

Why you like a college is important. And it will never be more important than when you have to explain your reasons in an interview or supplemental essay.

5. Majors are not created equal

If you’re looking for a major in advertising, you will find it at some schools. You will also find it as a concentration under a communications major at other schools. Don’t be so quick to discard a school just because you don’t find something listed exactly how you hoped you would.

The bottom line? You have to research and turn over all the rocks to make sure you find what you’re looking for. You have nothing but time right now so put it to good use developing your college list. When you visit college campuses this spring, you will have a more informed idea of who they are and what you need to find out before you submit your applications this fall.

There’s a lot to like about that.

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