• Early College Counseling for Sophomores

    Knowing that the strongest applications aren’t created in senior year, it’s important for sophomores to make the most of their remaining years. Carried out in a series of monthly meetings, your student will receive advice on researching college requirements, mapping out the right high school courses, branding themselves through extracurricular activities, and exploring different career options.

    All college counseling programs are customized to each student’s individual needs and are designed to complement services offered by his or her high school counselor. After an initial consultation, I work closely with the student and parents in a series of meetings which will include:

    • Thorough review of high school profile, transcript, and projected courses to ensure student makes the most of all academic opportunities available to them.
    • Exploration of college attributes including location, size, cost, academic requirements, majors, athletics, disabilities and special needs, activities, and other individualized interests.
    • Discussion of the different ways a student may apply (Early Decision, Early Action, Single Choice Early Action, Regular and Rolling) and their impact on the student’s applications.
    • Organization of a standardized testing plan including strategies for preparation and differences between the SAT and ACT as well as utilizing SAT Subject Tests, where appropriate.
    • Advice on how the student can best demonstrate their interest in a college thereby enhancing the strength of their applications.
    • Encompassing over a decade’s worth of experience in admissions, academic advising and career counseling, my self-designed assessment helps identify the student’s Values, Interests, Personality-style and Skills so that we have a more informed idea of who the student is, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.
    • Results from the assessment are used to generate priorities for the college list, ideas for the college essay, identify themes and priorities to be talked about during interviews, and to develop strategies to construct the strongest applications possible allowing the student to distinguish themselves.
    • Parent conference on college costs, merit aid, net price calculators, scholarships, loans, 529 accounts and tuition discounting so as to maximize opportunities for aid and to reduce the potential for excessive debt.
    • Analyzing your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) to maximize financial aid eligibility.
    • Review of activities, service, awards, honors and accomplishments to help the student develop and maintain a brand that compliments their academic profile and strengthens applications.

    Students may take advantage of the Early College Counseling Program through the end of their sophomore year, and families can elect to continue with Comprehensive College Counseling as the student enters his or her junior year.

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