• College Admissions Counseling Services

    I believe in working with students and their families to design college counseling services with structure, deadlines and goals that will help them successfully navigate the admissions process. I teach them how to put together the strongest applications possible to maximize their chances of being admitted to their top choice schools while paying close attention to academic, social and financial fit. Your student will not only receive personalized guidance, but will also benefit from my experience as a former admission counselor and academic advisor. We focus on getting into college, and making the most of the experience so that they can lead happy and successful lives.

    I also provide regular feedback to parents, providing you with a recap of what your student is working on and how you can help move things along in a supportive way.

    Students may begin college counseling services as early as sophomore year or as late as senior year. If you’re wondering why I don’t work with freshmen, the answer is easy: outside of trying to motivate them to do well in school and perhaps visiting a college campus or two simply to walk around and take it all in, I think it’s too early.

    High School Juniors and Seniors

    High School Sophomores

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